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Softphone Full Version Voip, Free Pc to Pc Call, Free PC to Phone Call, VOIP Full Version, Free Voip, Full Voip, Softphone Voip, Softphone Tpad Full Version, Softphone is used for call from internet to mobile phone or table phone.This is a free piece of software that turns your PC into a second telephone line and allows you to make Low Cost calls to any landline or mobile in the World, using the Tpad VoIP Network and your broadband connection.
Most people use the Softphone with a headset (that includes a microphone) linked to their PC or Laptop. Once the phone is downloaded and setup with your Tpad settings, you can start making calls by simply dialling the full International number e.g. 0092301234XXX

Softphones Types

We can say there are many types. Tpad recommend the Tpad Softphone - Ninja Lite Full Version which is set-up with the Tpad settings as default, but there are many other types that will also work with Tpad Full Version. See Settings section at the bottom of the page for other Softphones.
If you have problems with the use of Softphones see the Firewall Guide, Sound Setup Guide, Ninja Download Full Version Guide, or the Call Quality Guide.
Ninja Lite Full Version is already set-up with correct Tpad settings and Stun settings disabled. It will load and ask for your Tpad Number/Password and should work correctly. If, however, you are having audio problems, you can try with the Stun settings enabled to see if this helps. To do this right click on the phone and go to Settings and then Network Settings and tick the Stun Setting and save. Most users will not need to do this.
Type 121 on the Softphone to make a test call to our service centre to check everything is working. So Download ninja lite Full Version Download Link is below Thanks.
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