Get Google Adsense Approved Account within 1 week

How to get google Adsense account approved in any where in the world within 1 week or in 6 days?
Now Google Adsense account approving is not difficult. Just need 6 day's to wait to get approved.
I want to tell the user.If you want Google adsense do not go any blog or site. Most of the article are written on google adsense account approving and approved google adsense account.Also some of the peoples are selling the adsense account that's not allowed by the google adsense. Google adsense never gives the write to publisher to change the name and address. Google Adsense gives the account on the reality base.Never use fake name and fake address for during making the google account and also used your real name on the google account. Google adsense directly approving is to difficult. You need top level domain and high traffic and good alexa ranking and google ranking.So now i want to give you the tip to easy make the google adsense approved account.Do not need to go ezine articles and flixya and docstoc like website.
Follow these simple steps:

Go to
Hubpages is third party for getting google adsense account.
Just write good content don't copy the other content's.Write high quailty contents.
You just need maximun 10 hubs for google adsense account. Make your new google account
and sign up to hugpages. After that write your 10 hubs and after that you need to go to your hubpage account.Where you can find earning tab. At the earning tab you can see the google adsense option. Apply for google adsense through hubpages. Simply apply to google adsense account. And after 3-6 days' your account will be fully approved. Now you can use your google adsense account at any blogger or anywhere
where google adsense is allowing you to use the code.
I hope you will get approved adsense account within 6 day's
Thanks for reading the Post.
Regards Fileshosts

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  1. i will try to do it. Thanks for free tip on google adsense account approving. Sometimes luck is important may be google adsense gives you account but you are not able for that account. Google adsense is for that publisher who's are passionate for their career with google adsense. Normally the new user's are trying to get money but adsense is not for making money. Google adsense is source that's share the revenue with publisher's and himself to promote the advertiser's.
    Thanks for best tip.

  2. Thanks for google adsense tip

  3. Thanks i will try to get adsense account in 1 week :), hmmm in 5 days.

  4. i got adsense account thanks

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