How to Block Web Freer Browser Ads?

How to block Web Freer Browser Ads? Today most of the user's use Web freer Browser for Proxy, to Unblock the website, also for private search and use.Web Freer Browser also called Proxy browser to unblock the sites. Due to security most the countries block some sites to maintain the service. That's why the most of the internet user's use the proxies, and some of use proxy browser like web freer. Web Freer Browser today is the most famous Web Browser for the every user of the internet. Mostly on those countries where the most of the site's are blocks.
In Web Freer Browser their is to much problem during browsing that is the ads problem. Now no one need to worry about for browsing in Web freer browser. I have solve the problem. Because i spent my 20 day's for solve this problem of ads in web freer. But am not able to solve the problem of new tab in web freer.